Hearts & Arrows Diamonds

Hearts & Arrows Diamonds are sometimes called “super ideals”. They are the masterpiece of diamond cutting and most well-known phenomenon that people associate diamonds with.

The Hearts & Arrows Cut was first developed in the 1980s by Japanese diamond cutters, producing round brilliant diamonds cut so precise that they would produce superior light performance. These cuts have very tight tolerance and show superior optical symmetry when viewed through the Hearts & Arrows scope. The Hearts & Arrows scope was developed by Kinsaku Yamashita in 1990 to show this unique phenomenon to consumers in retail stores.

The Hearts & Arrows Scope is used to analyze the optical symmetry of a diamond: optical symmetry simply refers to light reflection taking place internally inside the diamond. It shows how precise the angles and proportion of a diamond are cut which exhibits the level of craftsmanship. When viewing the diamond through the Hearts & Arrows scope, visual pattern of “Hearts” can be seen through the pavilion and “Arrows” when the stone is viewed from the table-up position.

Hearts & Arrows Pattern Images are a depiction of the diamond’s supreme symmetrical (due to its cut) features. It consists of eight hearts and eights arrows that can be seen in a diamond of superb cut quality. If a diamond has perfect hearts, it will automatically exhibit perfect arrows. The rule for assessment is simple: All patterns should be “symmetrical” and “well aligned”.